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Stonemasons works with Universal Group Australia to build or renovate monuments in buildings, fittings, walls and bulbs or in the cemetery.

The stone produces medicine and clothing, often decorating and stoning in buildings. The establishment and creation of institutions is a modern enterprise, which is still spreading.

Decorative stones, including traditional decor, interior walls, pamphlets, spices, spices, and fires.

Stone ways made many hard and soft pieces in materials such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, blue stone and slate to create plastic monuments and structures. They make waste in kitchen baskets and bathrooms or specialize in two-weekly commercial versions, fireplaces and window frames or decorative gardens, such as architectural features.

They can also repair and preserve historical monuments or buildings. In West Australia, frescoes work in residential and commercial projects and work in old buildings, churches and monuments throughout the state.

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